Railway project in eastern coastal Malaysia is won by CCCC

On November 1, CCCC signed the business contract with MRL for a railway project in eastern coastal Malaysia, with a contract value of some 46,000 million Malaysian ringgits. This is the largest overseas project signed by CCCC, as well as the largest economic and trade cooperation project between China and Malaysia so far.

As a standard electric railway EPC project, as well as a major transport infrastructure project under planning in the East Coast Economic Region of Malaysia, the project will construct an east-west trunk railway line in Malaya, further improve Malaysia's integrated transport system, and be of great significance to promoting the economic development of eastern Malaysia and balancing the development of eastern Malaysia and western Malaysia.

As another major result of CCCC implementing the "One Belt One Road" initiative and the strategy of the globalization of "experts in five areas", the project will be another project symbolizing China-Malaysia friendship after Penang Second Cross-Sea Bridge. As one of the world's largest infrastructure constructors, CCCC was ranked 110th among Fortune Global 500 and third among ENR 225 Global Contractors in 2016, and enjoys a great reputation in the international contracting market. The project will further enhance the economic exchange between China and Malaysia.