Chen Fenjian meets with delegation headed by Ugandan Works Minister


On September 6, Vice President Chen Fenjian met with a delegation headed by Ugandan Works Minister Abraham James Byandala at CCCC Building. The two sides exchanged views on matters such as cementing cooperation, advancing project implementation and making collaborative efforts to develop the Ugandan market.

Chen extended warm welcome to the delegation, introduced CCCC’s current business situation and African development plan, and pledged to make all-out efforts to promote the Kampala-Entebbe airport highway project in Uganda and to help Uganda with infrastructural construction from several aspects.

Abraham thanked CCCC for the invitation, admired CCCC’s achievements in Uganda in recent years, especially in training an array of Ugandan technical talents in the infrastructural construction market, and expressed the wiliness to cement cooperation, to pay more attention and offer more support to the company’s efforts in market development in Uganda.