CCCC wins bid for Quanzhou Bay cross-sea bridge

On July 11, CCCC First Harbour Engineering Company Limited, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company Limited and CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for the cross-sea bridge project in Quanzhou Bay, with a total contract value of over RMB 2.4 billion. The bridge joins Jinjiang-Shishi Highway in the south and Huancheng Highway in the north, with a full length of 26.7 kilometers, including a bridge length of 12.45 kilometers. With a main span of 400 meters, a width of 41 meters, a pylon height of 154.8 meters and a designed speed of 100km/h, in two-way eight-lane design, the bridge is a double-pylon cable-stayed one with composite beams and separate decks. CCCC won the bid for three sections, with a construction period of 28 months, 33 months and 36 months respectively.
After construction completion, the bridge will connect downtown Quanzhou to Shishi and Jinjiang, and will be of great strategic significance to further perfecting the highway network in the western area of the Taiwan Straits, promoting the formation of a bay city and boosting the coordinated economic and social development of “Great Quanzhou” and the western area of the Taiwan Straits.