Dongming Yellow River Highway Bridge Project in Heze is won by CCCC


Recently the consortium of ZPMC and Third  Highway Engineering has won the bid for the reconstruction and extension PPP project of Dongming Yellow River Highway Bridge on Beijing-Guangzhou Highway (G106), with a contract amount of RMB 1,923 million, a cooperation period of 30 years and a construction period of 3 years.

Located at the mainstream of the Yellow River G106 passes by, the project spans Dongming County, Shandong Province and Puyang County, Henan Province. The project involves the construction of a Yellow River bridge, the reconstruction of a toll booth and the construction of the south and north approaches. With a full length of 6.99 kilometers, including the 5.8-kilometer main bridge, the project will be constructed in accordance with two-way six-lane first-class highways.

After its completion, the project will replace the main traffic function of the existing bridge, and be of great significance to connecting the G106 trunk highway, supporting the construction of Zhongyuan Oilfield, connecting the border highways of Shandong, Henan and Hebei, and promoting the social and economic development of the surrounding areas.