Civil works of 2nd East Channel of Xiamen are won by CCCC with total contract amount of RMB 5,400 million

Source:Haixi Regional HeadquartersTime:2019-07-08

Planned and arranged by the Shipping and Dredging Division and Haixi Regional Headquarters, Second Highway Engineering, Second Harbour Engineering and First Harbour Engineering, with a contract amount of RMB 1,599 million, RMB 1,766 million and RMB 2,029 million (RMB 5,394 million in total) respectively, accounting for 87 percent of the total contract amount of the civil works of the project.

The 2nd East Channel of Xiamen is an important cross-sea channel connecting Xiamen Island and Xiang'an District to southern Quanzhou. With a full length of 12.37 kilometers, the main line will be constructed in accordance with highway standards. With a total length of 9.64 kilometers, Lot A1, A2 and A3 involve 1 two-way six-lane tunnel (two cavities in one box girder), 2 large interchanges, 1 cross-sea grand bridge, etc.

The channel is part of the "inner loop" in Xiamen's expressway network of "two loop lines and eight radiating lines". After its completion, the channel will further improve Xiamen's road network, speed up the integration of the inside and outside of the island, and boost the building of Xiamen into an integrated international traffic hub city.