EPC project in Yichun, Jiangsu is signed with contract amount of RMB 2,285 million

Source:Third Highway Engineering, Second Harbour ConsultantsTime:2019-06-04

On May 31, the reconstruction project of the Yichun Boulevard section of Yichun-Wentang Tourism Road (EPC project in Yichun, Jiangxi), undertaken by Second Harbour Consultants and Third Highway Engineering, was signed.

With a full length of 10.8 kilometers, a contract amount of RMB 2,285 million and a construction period of 670 calendar days, in the mode of EPC, the project involves the construction and reconstruction works of urban trunk roads, including pavement reconstruction, bridge & culvert engineering, drainage engineering, utility tunnel engineering, etc.

The project is a key livelihood project in Yichun, one of the "four vertical lines" in downtown Yichun's road network of "one loop line, four vertical lines, 12 horizontal lines", as well as a south-north urban trunk road. The project starts from the interchange ramp of Shanghai-Kunming Highway, intersects with several roads, spans Hangzhou-Changsha Highway, crosses Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway and ends at South Ring Road. After its completion, the project will be of great significance to improving the environment of old urban areas, accomplishing city-landscape integration and activating the development advantage of old urban areas.