Reconstruction & extension project of Dezhou-Qihe section of Beijing-Taipei Highway is won by Road & Bridge International with contract amount of RMB 2,700 million

Source:Road & Bridge InternationalTime:2019-05-17

Road & Bridge International has recently won the bid for Lot 1 of the main works of the reconstruction and extension project of the Dezhou-Qihe section (boundaries between Shandong and Hebei) of Beijing-Taipei Highway, with a contract amount of some RMB 2,798 million and a planned construction period of 42 months.

With a full length of some 93.14 kilometers, the project starts from the toll station (boundaries between Shandong and Hebei) in Dezhou, Shandong Province, and ends at the Yancheng interchange where Beijing-Taipei Highway and Jinan-Liaocheng Highway. With a full length of some 28.43 kilometers, Lot 1 undertaken by Road & Bridge International involves interchanges, service areas, channels, etc.

The Dezhou-Qihe section of Beijing-Taipei Highway is the central trunk line of the state highway network, as well as an integral part of "nine vertical line, five horizontal line, one loop line and seven connection lines" in Shandong's highway network plan. After its completion, the project will greatly ease the traffic congestion of the section, improve the southward trunk expressway of Beijing and become an important channel linking central and southern Shandong to Jinan and Beijing.