Dejiang-Yuqing Highway PPP project in Guizhou is won by CCCC

Source:First Highway Engineering, Highway Consultants, Second Highway ConsultantsTime:2019-05-14

A consortium initiated by First Highway Engineering in association with Highway Consultants and Second Highway Consultants has recently won the bid for the PPP project of Dejiang (Hexing)-Yuqing Highway in Guizhou Province.

With a total investment of some RMB 14,153 million, a construction period of 3 years and a full length of some 102.22 kilometers, in the mode of PPP+BOT, the project involves 70 bridges, 15 tunnels, 10 interchanges, 27 separate overpasses, 2 service areas, 7 toll stations, etc.

After its completion, the project will further improve Guizhou's highway network, closely link townships, towns and other important economic nodes along the line, promote local investment promotion and resources development, advance the poverty alleviation strategy for destitute areas in Wuling Mountain, and create favorable conditions for synchronously building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.