Several lots of reconstruction & extension project of Taian-Zaozhuang section of Beijing-Taipei Highway are won by CCCC

Source:Road & Bridge International, Second Highway Engineering, Second Harbour EngineeringTime:2019-05-13

Road & Bridge International, Second Highway Engineering and Second Harbour Engineering have recently won Lot 1, Lot 6 and Lot 7 of the Taian-Zaozhuang section (boundaries between Shandong and Jiangsu) of Beijing-Taipei Highway in Shandong Province respectively, with a total contract amount of over RMB 6,000 million.

The project starts from the Taishan interchange where Beijing-Taipei Highway and Qingdao-Lanzhou Highway join, and ends at the inter-provincial toll station on the boundaries between Shandong and Jiangsu. With a full length of some 189.48 kilometers and a designed speed of 120km/h, the project will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way eight-lane highways.

Lot 1 undertaken by Road & Bridge International has a full length of some 21.88 kilometers and a contract amount of some RMB 1,970 million; Lot 6 undertaken by Second Highway Engineering has a full length of 18.3 kilometers and a contract amount of some RMB 2,014 million; Lot 7 undertaken by Second Harbour Engineering has a full length of 23 kilometers and a contract amount of some RMB 2,030 million. With a construction period of 42 months, the project involves highway widening, subgrade engineering, bridge engineering, interchange engineering, service area engineering and other works. Highway Consultants undertook the survey and design of Lot 2.

After its completion, the project will further enhance the role of Beijing-Taipei Highway in the south-north network, and be of great significance to strengthening the construction of the inter-provincial transportation channel, accomplishing the interconnection of traffic infrastructure, and cementing regional industries and economic relations.