Phase 2 of Shenzhen Subway Line 8 is won by CCCC consortium

Source:CCCC South, Second Highway EngineeringTime:2019-05-09

A consortium initiated by CCCC and comprising Second Highway Engineering, Second Harbour Engineering and First Highway Engineering has recently won the bid for Phase 2 of Shenzhen Subway Line 8, with a contract amount of some RMB 3,441 million and a construction period of 1,824 days.

Located in Yantian District, Shenzhen, with a full length of some 8.02 kilometers, Phase 2 of Shenzhen Subway Line 8 involves four stations and four tunnels, a substation, the reconstruction of Yanmei  Road and other concurrent municipal works. The full line will be constructed in the mode of underground laying; the underground stations will be constructed fully with the open cut method or partially with the cover-excavation method.

Phase 2 of Shenzhen Subway Line 8 is important part of Shenzhen's "eastward development strategy". After its completion, on the basis of easing the traffic pressure along the line, it will effectively enrich means of travel, optimize the local traffic layout and promote local economic development.