Project of "Inner Mongolia Inter-provincial Channel" is won by CCCC consortium with contract amount of RMB 4,700 million

Source:Northeast Regional Headquarters, First Highway Engineering, Road & Bridge InternationalTime:2019-04-28

A consortium initiated by Northeast Regional Headquarters and comprising First Highway Engineering and Road & Bridge International has recently won the bid for the EPC project of the construction of the Baiyinchagan-Anye section of the Jining-Arun Banner connecting line of Erenhot-Guangzhou Highway, with a contract amount of RMB 4,715 million.

With a full length of some 894.28 kilometers and a total investment of some RMB 34,170 million, the project of the Jining-Arun Banner connecting line of Erenhot-Guangzhou Highway is also known as the project of "Inner Mongolia Inter-provincial Channel", and covers five leagues and cities. The Baiyinchagan-Anye section of the inter-provincial channel is an extension of the original inter-provincial channel. With a full length of some 177.23 kilometers, the line will be extended and reconstructed with asphalt concrete pavement in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways. The project involves highway construction and reconstruction, rail overpass engineering, communication monitoring sub-center and toll station construction, etc.

After its completion, the project will greatly improve the traffic conditions of Chahar Right Back Banner, Shangdu County and Huade County, perfect Inner Mongolia's highway network, fully exert the comprehensive effectiveness of the highway network and promote the high-quality development of the regional economy.