Urban comprehensive PPP project in Chengdu is won by CCCC with total investment of nearly RMB 20,000 million

Source:Investment CompanyTime:2019-03-20

A consortium initiated by Investment Company and comprising CCCC Urban Investment, Highway Consultants, Fourth Harbour Consultants, Southwest Municipal Engineering Design Research Institute of China, First Harbour Engineering, Second Harbour Engineering and Fourth Harbour Engineering has recently won the bid for the PPP project of urban integrated development and operation of Jianzhou New City, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with a total investment of nearly RMB 20,000 million.

Located in the starting area of Jianzhou New City, Chengdu, with a total area of some 17.43 square kilometers, the project involves infrastructural construction, the construction of public service facilities, urban operation service and industrial development service. With an overall cooperation period of 30 years, a total construction period of 18 years and an operation period of 12 years, the project will be developed progressively.

The project has been included in the PPP project management library of the Ministry of Finance and is currently Chengdu's largest urban comprehensive PPP project. The consortium will strive to build Jianzhou New City into a new fulcrum for Chengdu-Chongqing Corridor and a new service center for the eastward development of Chengdu. Jianzhou New City is of great significance to promoting local economic development, driving employment and improving the people's livelihood.