PPP project of water environment treatment in flood control area of downtown Yancheng is won by No. 3 Shanghai Dredging

Source:Shanghai DredgingTime:2019-01-16

On January 4, a consortium initiated by Shanghai Dredging won the bid for the PPP project of water environment treatment (including black and odorous water treatment) in the flood control area of downtown Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. With a total investment of some RMB 4,544 million, the project is the company's largest water environment treatment project with the largest investment in the transformational market.

With an area of 108.73 square kilometers, located in the core area of downtown Yancheng, the project extends east to the Tongyu River, north to the Xinyue River and Xinyang Port, west to Damagou and south to the Xiaoxin River and Sandun Port, the project involves water conservancy engineering, water environment engineering, water ecology engineering, water landscape engineering and smart water engineering. With a cooperation period of 20 years, a construction period of 3 years and an operation period of 17 years.