Nandan-Xialao Highway project is won by Second Harbour Engineering

Source:Second Harbour Engineering, First Highway Engineering, Second Highway EngineeringTime:2019-01-04

Recently a consortium comprising Second Harbour Engineering, First Highway Engineering and Second Highway Engineering has won the bid for the BOT project of Nandan-Xialao Highway, with an estimated total investment of RMB 21,600 million and a planned construction period of 4 years. The three companies hold a 7 percent stake in the project company apiece.

With a length of 105.85 kilometers, the main line of the project started from Nandan County, Hechi City, Guangxi, is connected to Lanzhou-Haikou Highway (G75) and ends at Yinchuan-Baise Highway (G69), Tian'e County, Tianchi City. The Hechi section and the Baise section have a length of some 102.34 kilometers and 3.51 kilometers respectively. With a designed speed of 100km/h, the main line will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways. The project includes the construction period and the operation period. The construction period will run from the date of franchise agreement signing to the date of delivery; the operation period will run from the starting time of tolling fixed in the tolling permit to the date of project delivery.

As a project under the west development strategy, the project will eventually build a transportation system functioning in all directions. After being open to traffic, the project will create a convenient highway connecting Guiyang, Xialao, Tian'e, Nandan and Nanning (Hechi), and be of great significance to improving northwest Guangxi's mountainous transportation environment, promoting the development of local tourism and boosting the poverty alleviation of the areas along the line.