Guilin-Liucheng Highway civil construction project in Guangxi is won by Fourth Highway Engineering

Source:Fourth Highway EngineeringTime:2018-11-14

Recently Fourth Highway Engineering has won Lot 6 of the civil construction project of Guilin-Liucheng  Highway in Guangxi, with a contract amount of RMB 1,200 million and a construction period of 32 months.

With a full length of some 95.7 kilometers, with a designed speed of 100km/h and a subgrade width of 26 meters, Guilin-Liucheng Highway will be designed in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways. Lot 6 of the civil construction of the project involves subgrade earthworks, bridge engineering (excluding asphalt concrete pavements and expansion joints), passage engineering, culvert engineering, tunnel engineering (excluding asphalt concrete pavements), water protection and drainage engineering, etc.