Qingshuitang New City development PPP project in Zhuzhou is won by CCCC consortium, with contract amount of RMB 8,000 million

Source:Third Harbour EngineeringTime:2018-10-25

Recently the consortium of Third Harbour Engineering, Third Harbour Consultants and Shanghai Lingang Holdings has won the bid for the PPP project of overall development of Qingshuitang New City in Zhuzhou, with a total investment of some RMB 8,080 million, a cooperation period of 25 years, a construction period of 5 years and an operation period of 20 years.

With Qingshuitang as the core, the project covers an area of 11.62 square kilometers. With the goal of "industrial transformation, ecological restoration and quality improvement", the project will develop innovative industries, cultural tourism, experiential commerce, port e-commerce (comprehensive bonded logistics) and other business forms, full tap Qingshuitang's industrial heritage, exert its advantage in location and transportation, and strive to build an ecological, cultural and dynamic city. The project will provide a "CCCC solution" for the relocation, renovation and upgrading of old industrial bases across the country, explore a new model and open a new path for enterprises' entries into other old industrial bases.

According to the project plan, one bridge (Qingshuitang Bridge) and three roads (Logistics Boulevard, Port Boulevard and Zhuye Road) in Phase 1 will break ground in the near term, with a total contract amount of some RMB 3,050 million.