Changchun Economic Circle Ring Highway project is won by CCCCC with contract amount of RMB 5,300 million

Source:Northeast Regional HeadquartersTime:2018-10-18

On October 12, the consortium of CCCC and First Harbour Engineering won the bid for the PPP project of the Jiutai-Shuangyang section (Nong'an-Yitong) of Changchun Economic Circle Ring Highway, with a contract amount of RMB 5,367 million.

With a main line length of 79.57 kilometers, the Jiutai-Shuangyang section of Changchun Ring Highway will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways; the interchange connection line will measure 20.20 kilometers, and the Chaluhe connection line will be constructed in accordance with the standards of four-lane first-class highways, with a designed speed of 80km/h alike. With an estimated total investment of RMB 5,367.44 million, a cooperation period of 30 years, a construction period of 4 years and an operation & maintenance period of 26 years, the project will be operated in the mode of PPP featuring "investment, construction and operation maintenance integration + user payment + resource revenues + viability gap funding".

The successful bidding for the project shows the outstanding reputation and brand influence of CCCC in Jilin's highway market, and plays a positive role in further consolidating and developing Jilin's infrastructural construction market.