Fuzhou's quality parcel won by CCCC-Greentown-Fuzhou Metro consortium, with bidding amount of RMB 1,843 million

Source:Haixi Regional HeadquartersTime:2018-09-21

On September 20, the consortium of Haixi Investment, Fuzhou Lvrong Investment Co., Ltd. under Greentown China and Fuzhou Metro Property Co., Ltd. won Parcel 2018-36 for commercial housing in Fuzhou, with a bidding amount of RMB 1,843 million.

Located at the intersection of Jinzhou South Road and Jinxiang Road, with a planned area of 74.1 mu, a planned floor area of 170,000 square meters and a floor area of 158,000 square meters calculated by plot ratio, the parcel is above Jinshan Station, a transfer station of Fuzhou Subway Line 2 and 5. Developed in the mode of TOD, the parcel will promote the integrated development of subway and the city, and effectively improve city quality.

As CCCC's first commercial parcel won in Fuzhou, as well as a ajor move of Haixi Regional Headquarters to implement the "five-style CCCC" strategy and build a characteristic real estate developer, the parcel is of great significance to further enhancing CCCC's influence in Fujian.