First-class Mawu-Longtang Highway in Chongqing is won by First Highway Engineering

Source:First Highway EngineeringTime:2018-07-31

Recently First Highway Engineering has won the bid for Lot 4 of first-class Mawu-Longtang Highway, with a contract amount of RMB 316 million and a construction period of 36 months.

First-class Mawu-Longtang Highway is located in Fuling District, Chongqing, with a full length of 38.44 kilometers. After its completion, the project will accomplish the fast connection of Riverside Highway and Yinchuan-Baise Highway, further perfect Fuling's integrated traffic network, improve the integrity and traffic capacity of Fuling's highway network, and speed up the economic development of Fuling. The project is also the key external connection line of Wuma Military-Civilian Airport which is of great significance to war preparedness, emergency rescue and disaster relief.