Wuzhishan-Haitangwan Highway project in Hainan is won by CCCC with contract amount of RMB 1,930 million

Source:Second Harbour Engineering Fourth Harbour EngineeringTime:2018-07-27

On July 26, Second Harbour Engineering, First Highway Engineering, Fourth Harbour Engineering and Fourth Highway Engineering won Lot 1, 2, 4 and 5 of Wuzhishan-Baoting-Haitangwan Highway in Hainan Province respectively, with a total contract amount of some RMB 1,930 million and a planned construction period of 630 days.

The project starts in Chongshan Town, Wuzhishan, passes Baoting County, ends in Haitang District, Sanya and is connected to G98 Ring Expressway. With a full length of some 56 kilometers and a total investment of some RMB 5,100 million, the highway will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways with a speed of 100km/h and be open to traffic in 2020.