Utility tunnel EPC project in Lhasa is won by First Highway Engineering

Source:First Highway EngineeringTime:2018-07-10

Recently First Highway Engineering has won the bid for the utility tunnel EPC project in Lhasa,with a contract amount of some RMB 340 million and a construction period of 180 days.

Located in the trunk roads of Lhasa-Norbulingka Road and Minzu Road, with a total length of 1,760 meters, the project is Lhasa's first utility tunnel. The standard section of the utility tunnel has a net height of 3 meters and a net width of 3.2 meters. The foundation pit is supported and protected by rotary drilling cast-in-place piles and double steel bars, and a high-pressure jet grouting pile waterproof curtain with a diameter of 800 millimeters is set up between piles.