Municipal road project in Nanchang is won by Fourth Highway Engineering with contract amount of RMB 1,377 million yuan

Source:Fourth Highway EngineeringTime:2018-07-10

Recently Fourth Highway Engineering has won the bid for Lot 2 of Taoxin Boulevard in Nanchang County, Nanchang City, with a contract amount of RMB 1,377 million and a construction period of 36 months.

With a full length of 2.7 kilometers, the project is a city expressway with the upper part and the lower part which will be constructed in the mode of EPC. The upper part is an all-viaduct two-way six-lane expressway with a designed speed of 60km/h and a width of 26 meters; the lower part is a two-way six-lane auxiliary road with a designed speed of 40km/h and a subgrade width of 55 meters. The project involves road works, bridge works, interchange works, drainage works, lighting works, pipe & ditch works, landscaping works, etc.