Engineering design project of new line of State Highway 109 in Beijing is won by Highway Consultants

Source:Highway ConsultantsTime:2018-06-03

Recently Highway Consultants has won the bid for the preliminary and construction drawing design of Section 3 of the new line of State Highway 109 in Beijing, with a bid-winning rate of 77.2 percent.

With a full length of 18.15 kilometers, a bridge & tunnel ratio of 87.2 percent, a designed speech of 80km/h and a subgrade width of 28.5 meters, the section starts at Qingshui Town, Mentougou District and ends on the boundaries of Beijing and Hebei, involves two interchanges, 13 bridges and two tunnels, will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way four-lane highways with conditions reserved for the construction planning of a two-way six-lane highway.

State Highway 109, also known as "Beijing-Lhasa Highway", is integral part of the state highway network. The project is scheduled to start in September 2018.