"Construction-maintenance integration" project of ordinary highways in Jingzhou, Hubei is won by Fourth Highway Engineering with contract amount of RMB 3,127 million

Source:Fourth Highway EngineeringTime:2018-05-30

Recently Fourth Highway Engineering has won the bid for the "construction-maintenance integration" project of the first ordinary highways in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, with a contract amount of some RMB 3,127 million and a construction period of 24 months. The five years after the project acceptance is the maintenance period.

Located in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, the project involves the construction of Shashi-Haoxue First-Class Riverside Highway, Zhujialing-Libu Highway (Provincial Highway S428) in Jingzhou District, the highway from Jinghe Bridge to Cenhe interchange of Shashi-Gong'an Highway (Provincial Highway S322) in Shashi District, Cenhe-Dongshi Highway of Shaxiong Line, Shashi-Jingzhou First-Class Airport Highway, Jiangling First-Class Port Highway, Xintan-Yanwo Section of Provincial Highway S329, Downtown Shishou-Taohuashan Section of Provincial Highway S221 and Xiejiaping-Weishui Reservoir Tourism Highway in Songzi, with a total length of some 184.1 kilometers.