Investment Company to invest RMB 22,000 million in Zhangjiakou's "Future City" project

Source:Investment CompanyTime:2018-04-23

Recently Investment Company has signed the investment and construction contract for "Future City" project in Zhangjiakou, with a total investment of some RMB 22,000 million.

The project is located in the south of Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway Station, with a cooperative development area of 5.78 square kilometers (about 8,676 mu). The start-up area has a development area of some 2,074 mu and a total investment of RMB 7,100 million, including an operational construction area of some 1,400 mu (for business, commerce and residence). The 10 parcels of land in the start-up area will be transferred between 2018 and 2020.