Flood intercepting trench project in Xiongan New Area is won by First Harbour Engineering

Source:First Harbour EngineeringTime:2018-04-23

Recently the consortium of First Harbour Engineering and Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. has won the bid for the EPC contract of Phase 1 of a flood interception trench in Rongdong zone of Xiongan New Area in Rongcheng County, with a contract value of some RMB 172 million and a total construction period of 76 days.

With a full length of 5.6 kilometers. Phase 1 of the flood interception trench is a narrow linear project. Located in the north of Rongcheng-Wuhai Highway, the project stretches from Dashuida Street in the west to the east section of the administrative service enter in the east. In the form of box culvert, the project runs from west to east, will be connected to the planned open trench downstream and will eventually integrate into Baigou irrigation channel.