Project with largest contract amount in Tibet is won by CCCC

Source:Southwest Regional HeadquartersTime:2018-04-17

On April 11, CCCC won the bid for Lot 2 of the reconstruction project of Naqu-Yangbajing section of Naqu-Lhasa Highway, with a contract amount of RMB 5,590 million (the largest contract amount of a project won by CCCC in Tibet Autonomous Region). Besides, China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Fangzhou Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. won Lot 1 and Lot 3 of the engineering supervision of the project.

The project is integral part of Beijing-Lhasa (G6) in the national "71118" highway network, as well as the only state highway in Tibet Autonomous Region. The full line divided into two lots will be designed by First Highway Consultants. With a full length of some 77.8 kilometers, Lot 1 (northern Naqu-Gulu) will be undertaken by Second Highway Consultants; with a full length of some 230.4 kilometers, Lot 2 (Gulu-destination) will be undertaken by First Highway Consultants.