EPC project in Zhoushan Qiandao CBD in won by CCCC with contract amount of RMB 7,670 million

Source:CCCC DredgingTime:2018-04-12

Recently a consortium initiated by CCCC and comprising Tianjin Dredging, Shanghai Dredging and Water Transportation Consultants has won the bid for the EPC project of infrastructural construction in Zhoushan Qiandao CBD, with a contract amount of some 7,670 million and a construction period of 60 months.

The project involves the survey, design, procurement and construction of land formation, road, bridge and municipal pipeline engineering, landscaping and park engineering, utility tunnel and underground space, and other infrastructural works.

With a planned total land area of 5.38 square kilometers, a planned permanent population of 50,000 and a planned total floor area of 4 million square meters, the development of Zhoushan Qiandao CBD is CCCC's first major project covering the whole industry chain of urban development and operation.