EPC project in Fujian is won by Highway Consultants to create new model for steel bridge industry

Source:Highway ConsultantsTime:2018-03-27

Recently Highway Consultants has won the bid for the EPC project of Shaxi Grand Bridge in the Zhongxian (Youxi)-Lixin (Jianning) of Putian-Yanling Highway, the first highway bridge EPC project in Fujian, with a contract amount of some RMB 700 million. By winning the project, the company has created a new model for the whole steel bridge industry chain including design, procurement, processing, transport and assembly, and opened a new page for the development of the steel industry.

The project, a two-way six-lane highway, involves the design and construction of Shaxi Grand Bridge, as well as the optimal design and construction of the upper structures of the other three steel bridges. Shaxi Grand Bridge is located in Moon Bay Scenic Area, Sanming, with a full length of 1,400 meters. The upper structure of the main bridge features a steel truss composite continuous rigid frame, the first of its kind among domestic highways.