Water treatment PPP project is won by First Harbour Engineering

Source:First Harbour EngineeringTime:2018-03-12

On March 8, the consortium of First Harbour Engineering and Huizhou Hydroelectric Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for the PPP project of the comprehensive water treatment of the Chentang River in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, with a total investment of some RMB 892 million, a cooperation period of 20 years, a construction period of 2 years and an operation period of 18 years.

As an integral part of river regulation, the project is a livelihood project of improving the living environment of downtown Huizhou, perfecting urban functions, consolidating urban foundation and improving urban image. With a total planned area of some 1.003 million square meters, a main channel of some 10.63 kilometers and tributaries of some 7.6 kilometers, the project involves flood control and drainage, water quality improvement, landscaping, road traffic engineering, supporting service facilities, etc.