PPP project in Hulun Buir is won by Tunnel Engineering with total investment of RMB 1,620 million

Source:Tunnel EngineeringTime:2018-03-09

Recently Tunnel Engineering has won the bid for the PPP project of the Yimin-Honghuaerji section (first-class highway) of Provincial Highway 202 in Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total investment of RMB 1,620 million, a cooperation period of 23 years, a construction period of 3 years and an operation period of 20 years.

With a total length of 50.5 kilometers, the project line involves the construction of subgrade, pavements, bridges and culverts, toll stations, the traffic surveillance and control system, wind prevention and sand fixation facilities. There are marshes, windy and sandy areas, and other poor geographical conditions along the line. The construction areas have a high altitude, and the annual effective construction period of the project is short.