PPP project in Hangzhou is won by CCCC consortium with total investment of RMB 9,100 million

Source:Investment CompanyTime:2018-01-22

Recently a consortium established Investment Company in association with First Highway Consultants, Second Harbour Engineering, China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Changdao Municipal Engineering Group won the bid for the PPP project of the Chongxian-Laoyuhang connection line in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, with a total investment of some RMB 9,100 million and a cooperation period of 18 years, including a construction period of 3 years and an operation period of 15 years.

With a full length of some 34 kilometers, the project starts at the intersection of Chongxian Sub-district in the southeast of Yuhang District and downtown Hangzhou, is connected to the port interchange in the Yuhang section of Qiushi Expressway, and ends at Yuhang Sub-district in the west of Yuhang District. With overpasses in the full line, the project involves overpasses, safety facilities, management and maintenance facilities, lighting facilities and surveillance facilities.