Beihu Park reconstruction PPP project in Tianmen is won by Second Harbour Engineering

Source:Second Harbour EngineeringTime:2017-12-01

On November 28, Second Harbour Engineering won the bid for the reconstruction PPP project of Beihu Park, Tianmen, Hubei Province, with a total investment of some RMB 420 million, a construction period of 3 years and an operation period of 10 years. The project will be operated in the mode of BOT and return in the mode of "government payment".

Located in the north of downtown Tianmen, the project starts from Guanggou Road in the east, ends in Beihu Boulevard in the south, neighbors Zhuangyuan  Road in the west and reaches the planned city branch in the north. With a total planned area of some 1,837 mu, a water area of some 1,309 mu and a land area of some 528 mu, the project involves lake dredging, road, rainwater and sewage pipe network construction, landscaping, lighting works, power engineering and communication engineering.