First XNA lot is won by CCCC

Source:Tianjin DredgingTime:2017-11-08

Recently Tianjin Dredging under CCCC has won the bid for Lot 4 of the EPC project of Section 1, Plot 9, Xiong'an New Area (XNA), Hebei Province, with a building cost of some RMB 94.484 million. This is one of XNA's first two projects open for tendering after its establishment, and winning the bid marks the first move of CCCC to construct XNA.

As a major move of XNA to build a forest city and create eco-friendly environment, the project covers an area of 9,934.6 mu, involves two towns (townships) and eight villages, and will be divided into five lots and implemented by two phases. The greening and auxiliary engineering scheme submitted by Tianjin Dredging achieved the highest scores in the assessment for all five lots, and preferentially undertook Lot 4 with the largest area and highest building cost. With an area of 3,359.8 mu, the lot involves survey, design, procurement and construction.

After the establishment of XNA, CCCC has responded to the call of the country's overall layout, striven to share the responsibility of XNA development and construction, allocated superior resources, channeled innovation elements into XNA, and got deeply involved in XNA planning and construction. The successful bid marks a substantial step of CCCC on the way of supporting and serving XNA planning and construction.