Project of long-term water supply for Broken Hill, NSW is won by John Holland with contract value of AUD 570 million


Recently the consortium of John Holland and a renowned Australian enterprise won the bid for the DBO project of long-term water supply for Broken Hill, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, with a total contract value of some AUD 570 million (some RMB 2,890 million). John Holland holds a 50% stake in the project.

The project is the largest single regional water supply investment project funded by the NSW Government. With a full length of 270 kilometers, the project stretches from the River Murray to Broken Hill, NSW. The consortium will design, build, operate and maintain the project, including water pumping facilities, water storage and power supply. With a construction period of 18 months and an operation period of 20 years, the project is expected to commence in early 2018.

Some 150 local workers will be recruited for the project which is expected to create an income of AUD 50 million for the area. The successful bid further consolidated the share of John Holland in the Australia water market. John Holland will work with the NSW Government to advance the project through sustainable design.