China's first cross-sea high-speed railway project is won by Second Harbour Engineering

Source:Second Harbour EngineeringTime:2017-09-26

On September 25, Second Harbour Engineering won the bid for Lot 6 of the station-front project of Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway, China's first cross-sea high-speed railway, with a contract value of some RMB 3,079 million and a construction period of 60 months.

Located in the coastal area of Fujian Province, the project stretches from Fuzhou in the north to Xiamen and Zhangzhou in the south. The main line has a full length of some 277.4 kilometers and a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour. With a full length of some 27.5 kilometers, Lot 6 is the hardest lot in the full line. Predominated by bridge construction, Lot 6 includes six bridges, two tunnels and 1.2 kilometers of subgrade. Key controlled works-Quanzhou Bay Grand Bridge has a full length of 20,287 meters. The sea bridge measures 8,960 meters. With a length of 800 meters and a main span of 400 meters, the main bridge spanning Quanzhou Bay is a double-pylon double-plane steel-concrete composite beam semi-floating cable-stayed bridge, as well as China's first cross-sea high-speed railway bridge.

According to the plan, Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway will be completed and open to traffic in 2022, then the travel distance between Fuzhou and Xiamen will be reduced to less than one hour to boost the development of Haixi city cluster.