Ulanqab Highway PPP project is won by CCCC with contract value of RMB 3,580 million

Source:Second Harbour EngineeringTime:2017-08-29

On August 22, the consortium of Second Harbour Engineering and CCCC Fund won the bid for Erdaogou-Xiaodongying PPP project in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, with a total investment of some RMB 3,580 million, a cooperation period of 22 years, a construction period of two years and an operation period of 20 years.

With a full length of some 102 kilometers, the project stretches from the south of the big elm in the west of Erdaogou Village, Chahar Right Middle Banner to Xiaodongying Village, Siziwang Banner, Ulanqab. The project will improve the level of highway network service in central and southern Ulanqab, open up the transportation channel from Ulanqab to Baotou and improve the traffic capacity of highways.