Highway Investment Project in Zhaotong is Won by CCCC Consortium

Source:China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.Time:2017-07-11

On June 27, the consortium of CCCC and China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. won the bid for the Shouwang (boundaries of Yunnan and Guizhou)-Hongshan (boundaries of Yunnan and Sichuan) section of Duyun-Shangri-La (G7611) and Zhaoyang West Beltway (West Beltway) Investment Project in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. With a total investment of some RMB 20,400 million, a cooperation period of 12 years and a construction period of four years, the project will be constructed in the mode of "investment & financing + EPC + equity purchase".

The project has a full length of some 130 kilometers, including Duyun-Shangri-La Highway measuring some 101 kilometers and West Beltway measuring 29 kilometers, with a bridge & tunnel ratio of 68 percent and 24 percent, a total investment of RMB 17,300 million and RMB 3,100 million respectively.

The project is of great significance to promoting the integration of Yunnan into the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Chengdu-Chongqing City Agglomeration, and speeding up the poverty alleviation of Zhaotong.