CCCC Fund's First Insurance Fund Cooperation PPP Project is Initiated

Source:CCCC FundTime:2017-07-05

On June 30, CCCC Yiyang Infrastructural Construction Fund ("Yiyang Fund"), a contractual fund jointly initiated by CCCC Fund and China Life-CCCC Partnership, completed the first-tranche placement of the fund in the PPP project of Zijiang Landscape Belt and Urban Loop Line Construction in Yiyang, Hunan Province (Yiyang project). China Life-CCCC Partnership is an industrial cooperation investment fund under limited partnership. With a total scale of RMB 80,000 million, the fund will mainly be invested in the outstanding projects recognized by CCCC and China Life. CCCC Fund's practice of introducing insurance fund to a PPP project set a precedent for the investment of CCCC's internal insurance fund in a PPP project.


Yiyang Fund has duration of 22 years. The project will be implemented in the mode of "PPP + government procurement". During the operation period of the project, Yiyang Fund can exit in ways such as liquidation, equity transfer or PPP project asset securitization strongly promoted by the country.