Chifeng tramcar PPP project is won by CCCC consortium

Source:Fourth Highway EngineeringTime:2017-07-03

On June 28, a consortium comprising CCCC, Fourth Highway Engineering, CCCC Fund and CCCC Railway Consultants Group Co., Ltd. won the bid for Modern Tramcar Line 1 PPP Project in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total investment of some RMB 2,280 million, a cooperation period of 30 years, including a construction period of 2 years and an operation period of 28 years.

With a full length of 13.52 kilometers, including some 0.69 kilometers of bridges, the project will be constructed in the model of "EPC+PPP". In the long term, the full length will be extended to 17.34 kilometers. The project involves 17 stations, two transfer stations and one vehicle base. Space will be reserved for the future construction of one park.

The project will greatly facilitate citizen travel and further improve Chifeng's comprehensive urban service capacity.