Jiading-Haiyan Highway PPP project in Qinghai is won by CCCC consortium with contract amount of 7,300 million yuan

Source:Second Highway EngineeringTime:2017-04-18

On April 10, a consortium, established by Second Highway Engineering in association with First Highway Engineering, China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Road & Bridge Co., Ltd., won the bid for Lot 3 of the PPP project of Jiading-Haiyan Highway in Qinghai Province, with an estimated investment of 7,300 million yuan.

With a full length of some 194.6 kilometers and a bridge & tunnel ratio of 40 percent, the project includes three lots. Lot 3 is the largest lot. With a full length of 86 kilometers, a design period of 6 months, a construction period of 4 years and a tolling period of 30 years, Lot 3 will be constructed innovatively in the mode of "BOT + EPC + government subsidy + toll revenues".