CCCC signs agreement with Qiongzhong on Wuzhi Mountain tourism project

Source:Hainan Regional HeadquartersTime:2017-03-29

CCCC Hainan Construction Investment Co., Ltd has recently signed an investment and development agreement with the People's Government of Hainan Qiongzhong Li & Miao Autonomous County on the project of Eastern Wuzhi Mountain Tropical Rainforest International Eco-tourism & holiday Zone in Qiongzhong, Hainan Province.

The project is located in Hainan Qiongzhong Li & Miao Autonomous County, in the center of Hainan Island and at the northern foot of Wuzhi Mountain. With a planned area of some 100 square kilometers and a planned total investment of nearly 10,000 million yuan, the project is a key tourism zone under planning in Wuzhi Mountain. The company will invest in tourism, health care, education, medicine and other industries in the zone, to effectively integrate Hainan's industrial resources and build a health tourism platform for CCCC.