Land formation project of extension site of three runways in Shenzhen Airport is won by CCCC

Source:Port & Waterway Dredging Division, Fourth Harbour Consultants, CCCC Urban InvestmentTime:2017-03-13

On March 10, the consortium of CCCC, Fourth Harbour Consultants and CCCC Urban Investment won the bid for the EPC project of the land formation and soft foundation treatment of the extension site of three runways in Shenzhen Airport, with a contract value of 4,322 million yuan.

The extension of three runways in Shenzhen Airport is a major traffic infrastructure project of Shenzhen in the "thirteenth five-year" period. The won project involves three runways, the taxiway, the unpaved area, the crossing way and the end around taxiway, with a land formation area of some 2.743 million square meters and a total soft foundation treatment area of some 2.804 million square meters, equivalent to the size of 400 international standard football fields.

After its completion, the project will not only effectively alleviate the saturation of the transport capacity of Shenzhen Airport, but also build a "four-hour aviation circle" on the Maritime Silk Road and a "12-hour aviation circle" linking key cities across the world, thus building Shenzhen Airport into an international aviation hub and Shenzhen into a "bridgehead" linking Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia.