Survey & design project of Tibetan highway is won by China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

Source:China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.Time:2017-03-06

Recently China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. has won the bid for Lot 8 of the survey and design of the highway from Bangda Military Depot to Nyingchi (G4218) in Tibet Autonomous Region, with an estimated cost of 200 to 300 million yuan.

Located in the southeast of Tibet, the project is an integral part of G4218 (from Ya'an, Sichuan to Mangkang, Tibet). With a full length of some 41 kilometers, the project will be constructed in accordance with the standards of first-class highways, and involve 14 grand and large bridges, three medium bridges, four ultra long and long tunnels, nine medium and short tunnels, one interchange and one service zone.