Kaili-Duyun Highway project is won by Third Highway Engineering

Source:Third Highway EngineeringTime:2017-03-03

On February 24, the consortium of Third Highway Engineering and CCCC Fund won the bid for the section of Kaili-Duyun Highway project in southeastern Guizhou, with an estimated investment of some 3,777 million yuan, a construction period of two years and an operation period of eight years.

As a key planned project in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, the project will be implemented in the PPP mode of "equity participation + construction management + EPC + operation maintenance". With a full length of 27.7 kilometers, the line will be constructed in accordance with the standards of two-way ten-lane first-class highways.

The project will boost the economic trade between the two cities, conveniently connect the townships and towns along the line to traffic arteries such as Guiyang-Guangzhou  Highway, Lanzhou-Haikou Highway, Kaili-Yangjia Highway, Shanghai-Kunming Highway and Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, and give better play to the role of highways in driving the economic development of the areas along the line.