EPC project in Siping, Jilin is won by Fourth Highway Engineering

Source:Fourth Highway EngineeringTime:2017-02-28

On February 24, a consortium initiated by Fourth Highway Engineering won the bid for the EPC project of Phase 2 sponge city construction of Siping, Jilin Province, with a contract value of 2,590 million yuan and a construction period of 46 months.

The project involves the construction of the low impact development (LID) system and the monitoring and evaluation system for buildings and communities, urban roads and green land with a total area of 31.52 square kilometers in old, new and to-be-constructed urban areas in Siping.

The project can accomplish the sustainable development of water safety, water ecology and water cycle in Sichuan, and build Siping into a livable city in which the public interacts with natural water environment.