Lot 4 of Dapu-Chaozhou Highway is won by First Highway Engineering

Source:First Highway EngineeringTime:2017-02-08

Recently First Highway Engineering has won the bid for Lot 4 of the civil works of Dapu-Chaozhou Highway (including Dapu-Zhangzhou feeder), with a contract value of 580 million yuan and a construction period of 790 days.

With a full length of some 6.1 kilometers, the lot involves subgrade, bridge and interchange construction. The construction of Dapu-Chaozhou Highway will build a south-north high-speed channel linking northeastern Guangdong and western Fujian to Chaoshan Plain and Chaozhou Port, and linking Meizhou to Cross-Strait Economic Zone, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, and will play a significant role in connecting Chaozhou to Meizhou, and building a sea gate for Meizhou and a hinterland for Chaozhou.