Puqian Bridge project in Hainan is won by CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.

Source:CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.Time:2015-07-02
 CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for Lot 2 of Puqian Bridge project in Hainan Province, with a contract value of 735 million yuan and a construction period of 1,460 days.

With a full length of 5.6 kilometers, the project starts in Puqian, Wenchang, Hainan Province and ends in Yanfeng, Haikou. With a length of 4,050 meters, Puqian Bridge is the controlling project. In two-way six-lane design, the main bridge is a single-pylon double-plane steel box girder cable-stayed bridge. Lot 2 undertaken by the company involves the main bridge, the approach bridge, greening and environmental protection facilities within a 2.7-kilometer radius of the east coast of the bridge, housing construction of the maintenance center, etc.

After completed, the project will shorten the driving distance between Haikou and Putian from over two hours to over 20 minutes, give further play to Haikou's radiating and driving role, and promoting the development of tourist resources in the areas along the line and the coordinated development of the economy and society along the line.