Ore terminal EPC project at Lanqiao Port, Rizhao is won by ZPMC

  ZPMC has recently won a 300,000t ore terminal EPC contract at Lanqiao Port, Rizhao, with a contract value of 700 million yuan and a construction period of 24 months. The project has come as ZPMC's fourth bulk terminal EPC contract after those in Wugang of Taicang, Caofeidian of Tangshan and Nanjiang of Tianjin.

The project is located in the Lanshan zone of Rizhao Port, with an annual handling capacity of 18 million tons. The project involves provision of three grab ship unloaders, two reclaimers, two stackers, a train loader and corresponding belt conveyors for the terminal, and provision of complete terminal systems covering steel room, power supply and lighting, control, water supply and drainage. The terminal is expected to go into operation before late September 2014.

After being built up, as one of large iron ore terminals in the central and eastern coastal areas, the terminal will provide important guarantee for iron ore transfer and the steel industry in China's inland provinces, and lay a solid foundation for Lanqiao Port to rank among 100,000,000t ports.