HPDI wins bid for designing construction drawings for bridge on Atlantic side of Panama Canal


 Recently,the consortium, initiated by CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. (HPDI) and consisting of HPDI and Louis Berger Group, Inc., has won the bid for the project of designing construction drawings for the bridge on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal, with a value of USD 4.66 million.

The bridge stretches across the Atlantic estuary of the Panama Canal, connects Cologne, capital of Cologne Province in the north to the west suburbs of the city. With a full length of 4.8 kilometers, in two-way four-lane design, the main bridge is a double-pylon double-plane cable-stayed concrete girder bridge with a main span of 530 meters, the three spans are arranged as 230m, 530m and 230m, and the east and west approaches are 1,074 meters and 756 meters long respectively.

The project will effectively cement the internal relations of the transport network of Panama, improve the current situation of the local traffic and alleviate the traffic pressure on the north of the Panama Canal. The successful bid is a major fruit of HPDI in the process of actively implementing the group’s strategy of “going out”, laying a solid foundation for further developing overseas business.